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Iori Yagami
Se dice que Orochi asesinó a la mujer del lider de los Yasakani, diciendo al líder que el jefe de los Kusanagis se acostó con ella y después le dió muerte. Esto provocó que el líder del Clan Yasakani declarara la guerra al Clan Kusanagi y se une a Orochi formando el Clan Yagami.
Los Yagami, poseen el poder de controlar el fuego púrpura, un color que sus llamas adquirieron cuando sus ancestros hicieron un pacto con Orochi siglos atrás. Este pacto significa que, a cambio del poder púrpura, que ayudaría a los Yagami a ser más poderosos que los Kusanagi, correrá sangre Orochi por sus venas. Sin embargo, ese poder oscuro tiene su contraparte: la vida de los Yagami es acortada debido a que sus cuerpos son desgastados por el esfuerzo que significa controlar el fuego púrpura.

Legends tell that the Orochi killed the wife of the leader of the Yasakani Clan, deceiving him into believing that the head of the Kusanagi Clan murdered her shortly after he slept with her. Their friendship over, the leader of the Yasakani Clan declared war on the Kusanagi Clan and sought revenge with the help of the Orochi. Thus it was that the Yagami was born from this union of the Yasakani and Orochi.
The Yagami Clan, like the Kusanagi, possess the power to control flames. But the Yagami flames burned a deep purple, a color that their flames acquired when their ancestors made a pact with Orochi centuries back. Through this pact, the purple flames of the Yagami burned hotter and more powerful than the Kusanagi, but their color is a testament to the fact that Orochi blood runs in their veins. The price of power is high indeed, and this dark power has a devastating disadvantage: the life of the Yagami is shortened because their bodies are worn away by the effort required to control the purple flames.


Cómo ser parte parte del Clan?//how to be part of the Clan?//SOLAMENTE mandá una nota/ONLY send a note.

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Note: Sorry, my english is very bad...any error, please let me know...thanks
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i love your gallery is full of iori yagami -w-
I've looked at Iori Yagami, since December 2000, and I think to myself,
"This is my life!"
No joking.
Please let me become a member.
emperpep Oct 1, 2009  Professional General Artist
Iori has no flame in KOF XII, I feel sick! D8
can i join? pretty please?
DarkVanessaLusT Mar 21, 2009  Professional
Me gustaría entrar, soy fan y anamorada de Iori desde que era una niña, además tengo algunos dibujos de él que me gustaría compartir aquí.

Saludos desde Argentina:w00t:
can I please join?^^
Lenda galería *o*
BrendaYagami Sep 17, 2008
Ea, esto todavía funcia?
quiero ser parte del claaaan!!!!ª!!!1 por favor
Funkytankgirl Feb 8, 2008
Yeah!!! Iori rules!!!
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